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Re: iptables vs pf

Edy Purnomo wrote:
i suggested to my friend to replace his linux box to openbsd.
he uses mailnly for internet gateway : pf + squid proxy
after 2 weeks later he switched it back linux and said : linux much faster to respond the http requests (he had a same configuration on openbsd, pf + squid proxy).

is there any program that can proof what he says ?


If your friend prefer Linux then fine, but his speed statement is wrong. (unless he'd misconfigured something due to a lack of knowlegde on OpenBSD .. or pf .. or squid .. or run unsupported hw .. or ..)

BTW Edy, statements (in particular tux_userland_mock-up_no_79_glued_on_kernel_no_61_aka_slashdotoftheweek [heck, it even got its own place on securityfocus.com] vs. OpenBSD) without anything but the statement, is useless in any respect. In fact it appear borderline trollish.

If this friend of yours have a problem with a OpenBSD installation, then tell him to address this list and he will get all the help he need.

/per per_(_at_)_xterm_(_dot_)_dk


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