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Re: Non Developers allowed to ask questions ?

On 10/18/05, Lars Hansson <lars_(_at_)_unet_(_dot_)_net_(_dot_)_ph> wrote:
> On Wed, 19 Oct 2005 07:32:47 +1000
> OpenBSD Admin <openbsd_(_at_)_mckerrs_(_dot_)_net> wrote:
> >     there seems to be some unwritten rule that users (not to be confused
> > with developers) are not allowed to ask whether certain things are
> > supported in OpenBSD or when these items are likely to be available, in
> > particular this seems to be on the misc@ mailing list. The openbsd site
> > states;
> Stop acting stupid. You asked a question and you got an answer
> ('when you write it'). *You* then went on to whine about what an immature answer
> this ways even though the answer was correct. Users asks question every day,
> most get usefull answers. Sometimes you get scolded by someone but come on, it's
> a damn mailing list, dont take it personally.
> ---
> Lars Hansson

I'm a user, have been helped, have been scolded (by the best), and
can't stop coming back for more. : )

Top notch mailing list


John 3:16