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scponly vs. vsftpd


I am currently working with one of our file servers. Users need access to the server from where they live and so far I have been using sshd with scponly.

I have used scponly because I don't want them to have a shell.

The problem with the setup is that not al the users may access all the files. So far it has been handled with chmod to the different directories but this solution isn't working well.

I am then currently looking at two solutions.

1. Continue using scponly but with chroot and then linking the directories inside their home directories.
2. Using vsftpd which support ssl both on login and on the data transfer (prefered), and then using the buildin support for jailing users. Then linking the directories inside their home directories.

I am unsure which solution is the best, and if there perhaps is another even better solution.

Advice and experiences is needed :-)

Best regards,