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Compiling perl pkg_* to c


I'm working on a installation where I can't install perl and I need to
be able to install packages using pkg_add, pkg_delete etc.

There are two solutions to my problem:
1. If anyone have a c-based pkg_add or pkg_delete that works, this would
be great. (It seems like this was done in c a while back)
2. Try to compile the perl-source into a c-application using perlcc.

So, the best thing would be to get a c-version, does anyone have one of

My second option seems to fail with a core dump:

# perlcc -c
/usr/bin/perlcc: pkg_add did not compile, which can't happen:
Starting compile
 Walking tree
 OpenBSD::PackingElement::SpecialFile saved (it is in
OpenBSD::PackingElement::FMTREE_DIRS's @ISA)
 OpenBSD::PackingElement::Unique saved (it is in
OpenBSD::PackingElement::SpecialFile's @ISA)
 OpenBSD::PackingElement::Meta saved (it is in
OpenBSD::PackingElement::Unique's @ISA)
 OpenBSD::PackingElement saved (it is in OpenBSD::PackingElement::Meta's
 Exporter saved (it is in Symbol's @ISA)
 OpenBSD::PackingElement::DirBase saved (it is in
OpenBSD::PackingElement::Dir's @ISA)
 OpenBSD::PackingElement::DirlikeObject saved (it is in
OpenBSD::PackingElement::DirBase's @ISA)
 OpenBSD::PackingElement::FileObject saved (it is in
OpenBSD::PackingElement::DirlikeObject's @ISA)
 OpenBSD::PackingElement::Object saved (it is in
OpenBSD::PackingElement::FileObject's @ISA)
 OpenBSD::PackingElement::Action saved (it is in
OpenBSD::PackingElement::ExeclikeAction's @ISA)
 OpenBSD::PackageLocation saved (it is in
OpenBSD::PackageLocation::SCP's @ISA)
 OpenBSD::PackageLocation::FTPorSCP saved (it is in
OpenBSD::PackageLocation::SCP's @ISA)
 OpenBSD::PackingElement::Option saved (it is in
OpenBSD::PackingElement::NoDefaultConflict's @ISA)
 OpenBSD::PackingElement::Annotation saved (it is in
OpenBSD::PackingElement::Ignore's @ISA)
 OpenBSD::PackingElement::Sample saved (it is in
OpenBSD::PackingElement::Sampledir's @ISA)
 OpenBSD::PackingElement::Comment saved (it is in
OpenBSD::PackingElement::ExtraInfo's @ISA)
 OpenBSD::PackingElement::Extra saved (it is in
OpenBSD::PackingElement::Extradir's @ISA)
 IO::Handle saved (it is in IO::File's @ISA)
 OpenBSD::PackageLocation::HTTPorFTP saved (it is in
OpenBSD::PackageLocation::HTTP's @ISA)
 Saving methods
 Bootstrap File::Glob /usr/libdata/perl5/i386-openbsd/5.8.6/XSLoader.pm
 Segmentation fault (core dumped)