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Re: how to tell if I getting anything out of my hifn1411 card

On Thu, Oct 13, 2005 at 04:07:00PM -0600, Theo de Raadt wrote:
> > Even though the card is detected, I'm not seeing any boost in
> > IPsec performance.
> > Cpu is a Geode1100 - doing 10Mb/s IPsec has it maxed out :)
> The cpu is unable to feed the crypto card fast enough.
> You would think that doing crypto operations, especially 3DES
> is a lot of work.  And it is.  But there is a nearly fixed
> overhead for in the driver for managing the card.
> And it is a high overhead.

  friend of mine and i tried setting up a 4501 as a router
  doing IPsec for any wirelessly connected hosts ( WAPs on
  the ethernets ).

  we found the 4501 getting slaughtered by doing IPsec itself
  ( throughput from wireless to wired host, having gone
  through the 4501, was down from ~1.2MB/s clear to ~180KB/s
  with IPsec ), and then found that a 4501 + a 1411 really
  ain't that much to write home about either.  ( don't remember
  precisely what it went up to with the 1411, maybe about 
  20%-30% of the way between CPU_IPsec and cleartext speeds ).

  did some testing on a 4801 ( which your numbers seem to 
  indicate as being what you are doing it on too ) and 
  saw things pretty close to what you saw, +/- 1.5 Mb/s here
  or there.

  of note was that the type of crypto we were doing
  ( so long as it was supported by the hifn ) didn't matter
  at all.  we got essentially same throughput ( eg within
  less than a megabit ) if we did 3des-cbc/MD5 or aes-128-cbc/MD5
  or aes-256-cbc/SHA., etc

  as a sidenote, i've also put a 1401 in a dual athlon.mp 2.14GHz
  and seen openssl speed crank out a 20% or more improvement
  in the 8k blocksize column, as compared to straight CPU.
  ( the hifn eats it compared to straight CPU for the lower 3
  blocksizes, 4th one is sometimes either/or, depends on how much 
  -multi i am testing ).

  in other words, the problem ain't the hifn, nor would your
  situation be made better by a faster crypto chip; again, 
  the athlon.mp machine got beat at 8k blocksize with a hifn
  versus without.

  it's easy to be an armchair quarterback, and perhaps i don't
  know the whole story, but it'd be nice if soren-et-al. appeared
  to not be resting on the laurels of selling a boat load of 
  4501/4801s over the past few years and instead was pumping
  out some hardware that was fast enough to not suck for use
  as something like a LAN<->LAN IPsec'd wireless router/AP.



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