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OpenBSD Metastore: New kit, thanks

New stuff has been added.  Thanks to those who provided me information
on the Plextor PX-716A, the RouterBoard rb44, the Zonet ZEW2500p, and
the SysKonnect SK-98xx series.

A problem with Internet Explorer (naw, really?) that was reported to me
as preventing comments from being added has been fixed, so now comments
should work from IE as well.  (Of course, Microsoft makes liars of us
all at times.)

For those who didn't know, the MetaStore is at the following link:


PROVIDE INFORMATION!  Any piece of kit that you know works under some
version of OpenBSD and can be purchased as new is fair game, and every
bit of information you provide helps!

In the two weeks this has been up, there have been 1200 views of the
page.  Further, 97 links have been clicked through to a dealer purchase
page.  That isn't bad.  While there is no way for anyone to identify
how many actual purchases are made, nor what trend might obtain in the
future, it is an interesting statistic nonetheless.  I think this
experiment might actually work, but we'll see what happens.

Again, thanks to all contributors, and please, continue sending

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