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Re: Motherboard Recommendation

On Tue, Oct 11, 2005 at 11:09:41PM +0100, the unit calling itself Simon Morgan wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm interested in building a machine for use as an OpenBSD workstation and
> would appreciate any recommendations on AMD64 motherboards that are well
> supported. I assume there are people on this list using OpenBSD as their
> primary OS and would be interested to hear what you're using.

I've had good luck with Tyan.
> This would be a damned sight easier if manufacturers didn't insist on
> including everything but the kitchen sink on-board and failing to document
> which chipsets they're using. Can you even buy desktop motherboards that
> don't come with on-board sound and network these days?
> Any advice is appreciated.

Certainly without sound, and I'm sure there are a few w/o networking... 
but they tend to be the low-end products that don't offer good value. I 
think the reason for higher integration is that it makes the board more 
versatile (I may want to put this in a 1U enclosure & don't want to or 
can't add PCI cards, risers, etc). All of these peripheral features can 
be disabled via jumpers if you prefer to use your own brand via PCI