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Re: Request for additions to spamdb

On Sun, Oct 09, 2005 at 03:57:51PM -0500, J Moore wrote:
> I've learned the hard way that this doesn't achieve the desired result:
> # spamdb -Ta buttwipe_(_at_)_mydom_(_dot_)_com
> it should be:
> # spamdb -Ta "<buttwipe_(_at_)_mydom_(_dot_)_com>"
> Addition of a short EXAMPLES section to man spamdb could really help. 
> And, in IMHO, the "key" argument could also use a brief explanation.

as of a day or two ago, spamdb(8) shows an example email address for
this very reason. you can thank ray lai for that.

"key" has been explained for a while now.

> Other worthwhile features for spamdb itself might be:
> 1) ability to add WHITE entries *with* an expiration time; e.g.
>    spamdb -a|2000000000

it may be simpler to add addresses, then use a tool such as at(1) to
remove them at times that suit you?

> 2) ability to selectively list the contents of spamdb; e.g.
>    spamdb -Tl   lists all SPAMTRAP entries
>    spamdb -tl   lists all TRAPPED entries

hmm, grep(1)?