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Re: PPTP client

On Fri 2005.09.30 at 14:51 -0700, Peter Bako wrote:
> I have a situation where I need to connect an OpenBSD box to a MS Windows
> PPTP server (yep, I know it is not secure, but in this case I have no choice
> in the matter).
> After looking around the net I found myself at
> http://pptpclient.sourceforge.net/.  So I downloaded, complied and installed
> the program and tried to connect to my test box.  (Also complied a custom
> kernel using the GENERIC files with only the pseudo-device GRE line
> commented out.)  There aren't any OpenBSD specific instructions on the site,
> but reading the generic docs, as well as the docs for NetBSD, the PPTP man
> pages, etc. I think I have enough to get started.  However when I try to
> connect up I get nothing but a list of errors (connection timed out, could
> not open connection, etc.)  I know the path from my OpenBSD box to the test
> server is correct, because if I plug my Win2k laptop in it is able to
> successfully connect to the server.
> As far as I can tell the problem is a lack of MPPE support either in the
> Kernel or in PPP.  However I cannot find any information on how to get this
> support onto an OpenBSD system.
> Has anyone gotten PPTP-client to work on an OpenBSD box and if yes, would
> you be kind enough to send me some steps or any other info on how you did
> it?

the pptp port used to use pppd(8), which does not have mppe and other
gue. the -current port has switched to userland ppp(8), which has all
the gue needed for certain(tm) pptp servers. if you want to use it on
pre -current, look the -current port to see how to enable userland
ppp(8) instead (i.e. not officially supported ;).

don't mess with GENERIC - just set net.inet.gre.allow=1

and yes, it works - been using it with userland ppp(8) for a while now.

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