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Re: problems with new macppc snapshot

Selon Antoine Jacoutot <ajacoutot_(_at_)_lphp_(_dot_)_org>:
> bootpath: '/pci_(_at_)_f4000000/ata-6_(_at_)_d/disk_(_at_)_0/bsd'
> boot device: lookup 'wd0a failed'.
> root device:


Just to let you know that using a kernel from an older snapshot fixes the
problem (well, this is not really a fix to the problem, it just lets me boot
again). The harddrive is now detected and everything works fine.
I guess what happened to me with the latest snapshot was because of the ongoing
work to support G5 on macppc.

So, in case this was not due to my setup, be carefull before upgrading your
macppc to the latest snapshot.



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