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Re: OpenBSD and KDE printing

Daniel Martini wrote:
> Check this post:
> http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=openbsd-misc&m=112422708302678&w=2

Hi Daniel

The post solved the issue! Thanks a lot!

I found that it is possible to get CUPS (partial) working with this:

In home-directory .kde/share/config/kdeprintrc

It is difficult to get it working as it should though. It can find the printer and it can even find a network printer installed on another OpenBSD machine with CUPS running.

In my case the right PPD file is installed in /use/local/share/cups/model and CUPS finds the printer. When I try to print the printer wakes up but it never prints anything - both via network and locally.

If I connect a GNU/Linux machine wih the exact same setup and prints from it to the OpenBSD machine with CUPS running - it prints perfectly.

I will try to do a little more research on this since printing from KDE with CUPS always seems to be fairly easy.

Best regards,

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