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Steve Shockley wrote:
Thorsten Glaser wrote:

(How about Microsoft NT and Linux, which also
do software RAID?

I'm 90% sure that NT mirrors can be moved to different hardware, as long as the disk geometry stays the same. I'm less sure about Raid 5, but in theory it should work as well.

Of course, even moving a single IDE disk may or may not work, depending on how your controller drivers are configured. (There's a KB article on this.)

I would say that probably depends a lot on the partinioning, if you have a single monolithic partition, you might be ok. If like me you like to make a lot of smaller partitions on a large disk, you're fscked. In the first case it will bite you anyway at some point. I doubt mirroring changes anything. Disk geom will depend on bios anyway and there's no way you can be sure it will remain the same.

At least W2k has a very serious problem with reshuffling the disk partition names when moved from box to box, or even on the same box on a different channel, hell even on the same damn channel if you reinstall... I've done this a lot and it kills all your paths when you make sample based audio for example.

To the best of my knowledge this was *never* addressed, I doubt XP did anything to that effect.