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Re: USB-CDROM with X40

On Thu 2005.09.29 at 21:18 +0200, Dimitry Andric wrote:
> On 2005-09-29 at 20:37:11 Marcus Glocker wrote:
> > I am soon receiving a IBM Thinkpad X40 to use it with OpenBSD-current.  As
> > I don't really want to have an Ultrabase, I am wondering if it's possible
> > to boot OpenBSD with a USB-CDROM.  Any experiences?
> I had no problems booting OpenBSD 3.7 release, and recent 3.8
> snapshots on my X41, using an external Lite-On DVD+-RW drive.  The
> UltraBase is somewhat nice, but way too expensive IMHO. :-)
> Since I now have given back the drive to the person I borrowed it
> from, I'm still searching for a nice alternative way to boot OpenBSD
> installation.  Anyone have experience booting OpenBSD from a USB
> stick?  My BIOS seems to support it, I'll go look into it tomorrow, or
> or this weekend, probably.

yes. if i'm on my network, i use pxe. otherwise, i carry around a usb
stick just in case.