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Re: PostgreSQL/other DBs and OpenBSD?

Chris Kuethe wrote:

I was just about to say "SQLite". From their web page: "Sources are in
the public domain. Use for any purpose." see

SQLite might be easier, indeed.

I don't think the actual requirement is for any particular server,
although I note that PostgreSQL is much more widely used, and therefore
gives you the biggest "win" with its inclusion.  However, since SQLite
is small, embeddable and public-domain, it does provide a third option;
the database could just be embedded in the backup software.  It seems
more logical to me, however, that if one is going to have to make use
of a database package, then one may as well make it available for use
in more than one context.

PostgreSQL  and SQLite are already in the ports tree, how hard is it
to pkg_add or "make install" ? I know there's kind of a precedent for
including large-ish software packages in base (bind, dhcpd, apache,
xorg) but what does it win us to include a database server too?

Again, this is in the context of "backup software". I am noting that secure, easy backup software would be nice to have. Writing it might even be kind of fun, particularly after hearing the jaw-drops from everyone else when "OpenBSD does it _again_!"

I suppose that a catalog could be done without a database, but that
would be both ugly _and_ slow, as far as I can see.

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