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Re: Which SATA controller to purchase

Theo de Raadt wrote:

Wow, free advice as to how I can spend my time.  Aren't you kind?  Want
some advice from me?

Yes, I _am_ full of grandmotherly kindness, as well as invariably excellent advice. It is well that you realize this. In this instance, that advice was "Do not spurn good ideas", "Do not whine about your users not buying CDs if you're in the business of writing free software, because nobody wants to hear it", and "This is what implementing this suggestion will buy you". Nowhere did I say "You should spend your time doing this". You need to read a little more carefully. Speaking a little more carefully wouldn't hurt either.

I note that you make a practice of spurning innocently-offered and
occasionally good ideas in a much more brutal fashion than is actually
called for.  I chalk this up to you not being called on it often enough
when you indulge this particular vice, but I could be wrong.  I will
note that while your sandpaper personality can occasionally serve you
well in some instances, unmoderated, it _will_ cause you to miss
opportunities in others.  Hint:  when you kill the messenger, in the
long run, you just get less mail.

That aside, why not?  Challenge accepted.  Web-store and HTML design are
not my strong points, but I've been meaning to play with them a bit.
Since no money is changing hands and no "shopping carts" are being
created (there being nothing to pay money for on the site), since this
is just a collection of links that is being monitored, straight HTML and
a little tiny bit of CGI may be "good enough" for the task.  Let me see
what I can do.  It may come to nothing, but I have some free time.

My proposed beginning for this can be seen here:


I am purposely maintaining the appearance of OpenBSD's site, it loads
nice and snappy and looks clean.  I'm working on the CGI script for
this.  Caveat:  This is for TESTING PURPOSES ONLY, it is going to be
hosted elsewhere very very soon as soon as I get the script done, and
the database populated sufficiently to be useful, and as soon as
somebody else provides a place for it.  If that doesn't happen, I'll
probably mothball it.

[snip Rob Schneiderish repeated "You can do it!"s]

You can do all the above.

I am too busy.

I hope appreciate my advice; look at all the good ideas I just gave
you for things you can do!

You're too busy to try and save yourself some labor, and to get the things you claim you need to do better work? Huh, okay. Different strokes, I suppose. If I were that busy, I'd jump at the chance to spend a few minutes now to save hours later. YMMV, though.

OpenBSD users:  send me lists of things that are KNOWN TO WORK and are
SUPPORTED in OpenBSD.  Requirements:  model numbers, revision numbers
if applicable, OpenBSD revision, platform.  Descriptions of the item not
strictly necessary but useful.  Restrict this to things that are
currently available for purchase as "new", please.  Don't worry about
checking it thoroughly; if you bought it new in the last three years,
that's good enough, I'm more concerned about getting messages involving
things like S/Bus framebuffers and Multia mainboards.  Bonus points
if you track down good places to buy this stuff, too.  I know a lot
of them, but I know that I don't know all of them.

OpenBSD development team:  start thinking about where you want me to
put this when it is complete.  (I can think of a couple of places that
are likely to be suggested by certain individuals, but do try to
restrain yourselves.)  If I can, I'll write it; as I have time, I'll
maintain it; I will not, however, host it, since my pipe isn't big
enough.  Anybody else is welcome to host it, too, but it would probably
be a much better idea to actually put it on openbsd.org.  Also, please
give me a list of vendors that have cooperated with you to the extent
that you have required to write software for their products; this will
be used in the creation of "supercategories" of OpenBSD-friendly
hardware manufacturers and their products.

Everybody:  Suggest categories.  The ones up now are only suggestions.
Also, can anybody give me the raw vector or whatever file that was used
to make the picture of Puffy for the 3.7 banner on the main site?  I
ginned up a crappy OpenBSD store graphic that sucks, but this needs
something better. I'm thinking Puffy wearing a green banker's visor
behind a cash register.  Anybody that's actually _good_ at graphic
design, feel free to come up with something better; I'm okay, but I'm
not great at it.

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