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Re: named log files

On Tuesday 27 of September 2005 02:22, J Moore wrote:

> Yes - that seemed to do the trick:
> chmod 660 named_query.log
> I guess this was caused by new privilege separation features added to
> 3.7, eh?

I can't say, i didn't really play with named yet... But when you said about 
chgrp'ing, and saw unadjusted permissions, i thought that may be it ;)
Hmm, another idea - instead of letting named rotate logs, you could add them 
to /etc/newsyslog.conf to have them rotated as usual logs. But then again, 
you need write permission on them anyway, to let named write to them, so that 
would be probably more trouble than it's worth.

> Thnx,
> Jay

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