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Re: gphoto2/gtkam segmentation fault on i386-current

On Mon, Sep 26, 2005 at 03:19:42PM +0300, Antti Nykdnen wrote:
> On 2005-09-26 at 10:19, Marc Espie wrote:
> > It's very likely to be an out-of-bounds access somewhere...
> > fixing this just means some developer needs to reproduce it and track it
> > down. No digital camera around here right now.
> It works with -rOPENBSD_3_8 ld.so, btw. Maybe some of the recent changes
> there caused this?

There has been a lot of work to make the internal workings of ld.so more
compilant with the accepted standards (Solaris dynamic linker docs)

It is now _much_ closer than before. However you have found a bug in
-current code. It should be fixed very shortly.

Dale Rahn				drahn_(_at_)_dalerahn_(_dot_)_com

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