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Re: gphoto2/gtkam segmentation fault on i386-current

> > I have exactly the same issue on amd64 & i386 since two weeks ago,
> > gphoto2 worked like a charm before, now I have to set up a 3.7 machine
> > only so I can get pictures from my camera :(
> > 
> > Will it be fixed until 3.8 ? I would really like to actually USE the
> > release...
> Current, and the first snapshot where I noticed this (from 21st of
> September if I remeber correctly), are (AFAIK) already past 3.8.

Okay perhaps my snapshot is from last week as well :)
I'll look it up once I get back home.

Still: When will this be fixed ?

I understand that it is not an important thing for the project but still ...


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