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gphoto2/gtkam segmentation fault on i386-current


Recently I've experienced (apparently libusb-related) segmentation
faults when trying to use gphoto2 or gtkam. I'm running a snapshot from
Sep 23 on i386. The camera I'm trying to access is a Canon Powershot

gphoto2 output:

  $ gphoto2 --auto-detect --shell 
  gphoto2:/usr/local/lib/libusb.so.8.2: undefined symbol 'usb_free_bus'
  lazy binding failed!
  Segmentation fault (core dumped) 

I get the same messages when I start gtkam and select "Camera" -> "Add

dmesg: http://aon.iki.fi/tmp/dmesg
gtkam backtrace: http://aon.iki.fi/tmp/gtkam_bt
gphoto2 backtrace: http://aon.iki.fi/tmp/gphoto2_bt (snipped, after that
it was just "No symbol table info available".)

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