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Re: Wireless Strangeness

From: Alex Kirk [mailto:alex_(_at_)_schnarff_(_dot_)_com]
> > I'm bailing here. I don't remember 3.4 well enough.
> I was afraid of that. I've been meaning to upgrade to 3.7 for 
> a while -- is it
> likely to make that big of a difference if I upgrade? If I 
> were to still
> experience this problem with 3.7, might you be able to offer 
> further assistance
> (I can understand not wanting to have to dredge through 
> memory for something not
> particularly relevant or exciting for someone else's benefit)?

Yes. Review CVS history so you can see how many changes have happened since
3.4, particularly in the ieee80211 stuff.

Strictly speaking, upgrading from 3.4 (per the documented upgrade procedure,
as in 3.4->3.5, 3.5->3.6, 3.6->3.7) will be a likely difficulty. Making the
jump from 3.4 might be easier if you just install 3.7 and restore backups.