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Re: shell script generator?

On Wed, 14 Sep 2005 16:52:29 -0500
<dick_(_at_)_uchicago_(_dot_)_edu> wrote:

> 1) make package/port list in a text file
> 2) run script in one terminal window to capture all the
> extraneous configuration-related executables i have to run
> 3) take diffs of my final configuration file contents against
> the defaults post-package/port adding
> 4) sanitize the script output and paste together

dd if=/dev/rwd0 ?

or tar cvf ./backup /etc

I believe that you will find the configure.out file in the ports
directory which contains the output of the configure arguments. Although
that said, how do you know a later version will not be different.

What you are suggesting should work, but it would be very dependant on
the version of the ports used, you're better off using a method that is
flexible, which is hard with source builds. .debs are a little easier to
manage, dpkg --get-selections makes it a little easier to rebuild a
system from deb, unfortunately life is a little harder in openbsd land.

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