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shell script generator?

i am relatively lazy and there are a number of configurations
(e.g. mailserver, backup server, etc.) which i would like to
generate shell scripts for. i have thought about making these
scripts for quite a while, but i have been reticent to invest
the time required to make the shell script by hand.

does there exist a program that can capture all the various
commands and text file edits i make in the process of
configuring an openbsd install and replay them in the order
they were issued? i know about the script command, but it
doesn't quite do what i'd like it to, as i'd like to be able
to replay all commands (from more than one terminal with order

if such a program doesn't exist, it wouldn't surprise me since
i could see how it would be a real security danger. i'd just
like to avoid having to write down all the additional commands
you have to issue when configuring various servers (phpxs,
mkimapdcert, postfix reload, etc.).

if i have to do it by hand, here is what i think i'd have to do:

1) make package/port list in a text file
2) run script in one terminal window to capture all the
extraneous configuration-related executables i have to run
3) take diffs of my final configuration file contents against
the defaults post-package/port adding
4) sanitize the script output and paste together

if this series of steps is missing anything or can be
improved, please let me know. i might try to make a script
that does the above if anybody thinks it a good idea.


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