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Re: OpenBSD website Design.


> depends on how you measure "greatest". i think several of the
> border states in the US declared a "state of emergency" about
> the most profitable, and probably best known, mexican export. ;)
> and no, it's not viagra.
it's a big problem on both sides of the border.

However, one is wondering what the worlds greatest, god loving
nation, is doing with all this stuff, there can not be that many
users there or ? If there would be no demand, there would be no
market so therefore there must be a _huge_ demand. QED.

And, Dave Feustel, your comment oppenly displayed that you are at
least a Racist if not a Nazi. Here in germany these people are no
longer welcome. If you do not wish to remain like that in
the archives, I suggest you show some guts and appologize in

But since this completely offtopic, I will try hard to stop now.

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