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Re: openbsd router using pppoe kernel implementation

Hash: RIPEMD160

The kernel pppoe implementation in v3.7/i386 doesn't seem to be reliable
from my point of view as I occasionally noticed a drop of my T-DSL
connection during 24/7 use of dsl connection - dmesg sais that pppoe0 is
dead, and it doesn't reconnect automatically, so I have to reconnect
manually via ifconfig down | destroy and sh /etc/netstart pppoe0.
Especially when using BitTorrent with heavy load, kernel pppoe0 tends to
drop after a few hours of connection without any "reasons" (of course
there must be a reason, but it cannot be duplicated). As kernel pppoe
was implemented from the NetBSD PPP subsystem, I guess in its present
form it is not yet matured, but I use it anyway, for I had some troubles
with userland ppp as well.