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scp Remote -> Remote fails

I know this is not 'exactly' openbsd directly related but
I'll give it a go anyway. I am trying to copy remote 2
remote, basically to change the name of a file. It appears
that the first half of the command works fine but the
second half get an authentication failure. I am not sure
if this was by design or if I am doing something WAY
wrong.  If anyone has time, lemme know.

*Assume the first file already exists and permissions are fine*

scp me_(_at_)_somehost:original-file-name me_(_at_)_somehost:new-file-name

authlog entries are as follows:
Sep 8 10:10:55 spider sshd[32009]: Accepted password for rmorris from xx.0.xx.33 port 16301 ssh2
Sep 8 10:10:57 spider sshd[23066]: Failed password for rmorris from xx.0xx.33 port 22851 ssh2