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Re: Lifecycle question

Abraham Al-Saleh schrieb:
I am already in love with it, since I plan to use it as a HA-firewall
using carp and pfsync. Problem here is just that it looks as if I had to
reinstall it all year ...

If that's the case, then you just take one down, upgrade it, bring it
back online, take the other down, upgrade it, bring it back online. I
fail to see the issue here. 'nuff said.

The issue is that I don't have only two firewalls but also many, many others plus even more ;) I am asking 'generally' and not because I don't have the time to update *two* machines twice a year.

Not to mention that upgrades with other OS's are even painful _with_ HA setup ...

As an Insitute we have limited resources in terms of personal AND money. Therefore, I am forced to rethink any strategy twice. Thanks to all comments - had been very helpful so far.


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