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Re: I built me a router <- addendeum

I should note that this is not an internet router, but for the middle
of a 100MB network...  Its not for a lower usage internet connection.

On Tue, 6 Sep 2005 00:22:29 -0400
Bill <Bill_(_at_)_explosivo_(_dot_)_com> wrote:

> So anyway, I got this whole router thing done and installed.  Did some
> tests across it before the big rush back tomorrow for everyone.  I
> started documenting it so others can get an idea of what to expect.
> I've got the basic description done but was not sure what people would
> want to see as far as performance statistics?   All I have really done
> was used iperf across the router in two different directions (eg: em1
> -> em2, em3 -> em4 and one int em5) and measured pps (via netstat) and
> interrupts (via vmstat) and the resulting iperf data.  
> The other downer is the lack of some gigabit devices to hammer it at
> gigabit speeds.  I am stuck pushing 100MB at it...
> The more I look at that stuff, the less it has meaning.  Under the
> above, the router handles 25k/pps at about 25-30% interrupts... but if
> I set the iperf packet size down to 68bytes, it jumps significantly
> higher but the interupts soar for obvious reasons.  So it all starts
> seeming like marketing bull.  
> Aside from the box and configuration, what would someone who was
> smarter than me that was considering doing this want to know?  During
> the day its running for business, but nights I can pound on it all I
> want, as long as I don't lock it up... long drive back in.
> Any measurement suggestions would be welcome!
> Bill
> PS. Thanks to those along the way that gave advice, a smack in the
> right direction, or questioned my sanity :)
> --