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Re: Lifecycle question

Ramiro Aceves schrieb:
I like and use  both systems. But If you are concerned about easy
upgrading,  I would recommend Debian GNU/Linux (no flamewars please ;-)
). It is a very stable system that it is upgraded slowly, about 2 years
(they whant to speed it in the future to 18 month cicle). You will not

We have FreeBSD, Debian Sarge and SuSE 9.0 & 9.1 & 9.3 as productive systems running. Technically, we're kind of aware of the differences.

system. If you want a desktop with hundreds of packages installed, I
find Debian more practical to upgrade. Both systems allow you to tweak
the internals as you want. Both come with the base system and the
remaining applications.

We use SuSE on ~50 desktops in our Institute and are quite happy (well, we had to tune it a bit to make it use apt-get). Debian is my first choice for non-BSD servers, but I would not use it for dekstop purposes still. Well, don't wan't flame wars here either ;)

Anyway, I am getting in love with OpenBSD because of its securyty,
simplicity, stability, clarity, superb documentation and coherency.
If I would have to build a server conected to the dangerous Internet, I
will undoubtlely use OpenBSD.

I am already in love with it, since I plan to use it as a HA-firewall using carp and pfsync. Problem here is just that it looks as if I had to reinstall it all year ...



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