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Re: DBMail on openBSD

Jean-Daniel Beaubien wrote:

> Hi everyone, I'd like to get an idea of the status of DBMail on
> openBSD.  If anyone has had some experience with DBMail on obsd please
> let me know what you think about it.  Is it stable?  How is the speed?
> How's the initial setup?
> I know I there's a dbmail mailing list...but I wanted a non-partisan
> opinion.

I've used it.  Works good, though I had to grab a 2.0.x-current in order
to have it compile properly.  DBMail is a *good* program... but I'm not
sure I'd consider it a *GREAT* program.  Those guys have lots of bugs
and inconsistancy, and after muddling through the code I see many poor
program choices, lousy SQL decisions, and boastful attitude that isn't
really interested in fixing it.  That's my 2cents... even though I use
it. :-)  Someone needs to do what they're doing only better.