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Re: via S3 Unichrome, anyone ? ;)

Try vesa driver in xorg.

On Thursday 01 September 2005 17:29, you wrote:
> hi
> my laptop died in the most horrible way (it fell off from the desk ...) and I
> had to replaced it so i bought a low price workstation. It came with an
> integrated (*ugh*) via S3 unichrome chipset that is recognized by openbsd at
> boot time. I tried starting an X session but it just hangs until i log into
> another tty and kill the process, no error in Xorg's logfile ...
> i've done some googling and found out that:
> - some people reported that they have a working via S3 Unichrome under OpenBSD
>   on their laptop/desktop station, but none explained wether it was only
>   recognized or if it was also useable with X.
> - there seems to be a Unichrome project that adds support for the chipset, but
>   it seems like it's for Linux only (i'll investigate this when i get some
>   sleep).
> Please tell me that someone has X working with it and that I don't have to code
> in console for the months to come ...
> thanks ;)

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