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Re: MaxDB on 3.6? or just ndb_mgm[d ]?

From: John N. Brahy [mailto:jbrahy_(_at_)_ad2_(_dot_)_com]
> I'm trying to build a OpenBSD mysql cluster and I haven't been able to
> fully compile the mysql build tools that are required to compile the
> MaxDB so I can get ndb_mgmd and ndb_mgm. Does anyone have a patch to
> make it work or a package with those two binaries?

John, the mysql cluster stuff is part of the stock mysql-4.1 source
distribution nowadays. At a previous company we used it with 4.1.7 and
higher. You shouldn't need to worry about MaxDB if you are after the cluster
stuff (don't know if you might need it for other reasons, but...)

To my knowledge you should just be able to compile mysql-4.1 with cluster it
like any other app - there should be a configure switch that controls it.