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Re: Shouldn't OpenBSD X11 come out with "-nolisten tcp" as default?

It reminds me approach
"we won't fix it because nobody reported a problem".
I think this is not obsd case and this is what
make difference between obsd and commercial unix.

PS. X11 is not a secure thing you can trust that easy

--- Han Boetes <han_(_at_)_mijncomputer_(_dot_)_nl> wrote:

> Vladislav Belogrudov wrote:
> > I thought it would make sence for most secure OS.
> > One port less listening the World.
> It's not a security problem to have an open port.
> It's a security problem to
> have a bad server listening to an open port.
> And since nobody knows about a problem with the X
> server, not even the people
> who have very deep knowledge about X and about
> security you can safely assume
> it's OK to have that port open by default.
> Now if you don't trust any of all those experts and
> you want to close that port
> for your own machine that's fine, but don't ask the
> experts to trust on your
> intuition while they are providing the OS in the
> first place.
> # Han

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