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Re: problems using usb keyboard on sunblade 100

Glad that somebody else broached this topic, I was about to ask the same 

I can't get ANY USB keyboard to work with OpenBSD on my desktop computer (a 
very standard Athlon 32). When I say it "doesn't work", I mean it's 
completely dead, as if the keyboard wasn't even attached to the machine. 
That's true if I boot directly from the OpenBSD CD, or boot from the hard 
drive. Although the OS cannot see a USB keyboard, I tested it with a 
(borrowed) PS/2 keyboard and there's no problem there.

Before someone says "well just buy a PS/2 keyboard" - OK, I can do that, but 
I've got some concern that further down the road I may have a machine with 
lacks a PS/2 connector, since USB-only is becoming common (especially on 

Interestingly, it's not just OpenBSD that has this issue - USB the keyboard 
suffers total non-response with FreeBSD and NetBSD too. But the same keyboard 
works fine with Linux on the same machine.

I did quite a bit of Googling for answers and found numerous suggestions 
(mostly for FreeBSD) all of which I tried, but none worked.

best regards,

On Saturday 27 August 2005 09:02 pm, you wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to use a sunblade 100 with openbsd as my primary desktop.
> Unfortunately I'm not able to get the keyboard to work (sun usb type 6
> swedish layout).
> After installing the miniroot.fs to the harddisk and resetting the
> machine it
> booted to the prompt where one can choose between shell, upgrade and
> install.
> I wasn't able to type anything here. I then installed over a serial line
> and it worked fine.
> After rebooting with the keyboard attached it booted to the login prompt
> but still
> I was not able to type anyhting here. Login over the network just works
> fine.
> I also can find the keyboard within the dmesg output. The eeprom command
> shows keyboard
> as input-device. The same behaviour can be seen with the 3.7 release and
> the latest snapshot.
> My OpenBoot version is 4.17.1. I'm new to openbsd maybe I'm missing
> something obvious here.
> Thanks in advance,
> mark