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Re: Disable/Passprotect single user mode

At 08:27 AM 8/27/05, Dave Feustel wrote:

On Saturday 27 August 2005 06:07, JSD wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I have a big root access problem. If someone has physical
> access to my OpenBSD box, than he/she can swith into single
> user mode (-s) and can change the password of root. It is a
> big problem for me and I would like to password protect this
> single user mode or to totally disable this function but I
> don't know how.
> Is anyone here who solved this problem? Please help, thanks!
> Jaya Sri

In your bios, you should be able to set a boot password which will prevent
booting until the password is given.

In addition, if you have a laptop, you should be able to also set a disk password
which will also prevent booting until it is given.

Finally, you should be able in the bios to disable booting
from any device but the hard disk containing the operating system.

Dave Feustel

Did you miss the line "If someone has physical access to my OpenBSD box"? With physical access, all of your suggestions are easily bypassed with a bios reset.