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Re: proper way to format/use floppies (i386)

Michael Adam <openbsd_(_dot_)_org_(_at_)_googlemail_(_dot_)_com> wrote:

> Well yes, it is working. But still: The floppy does have a disklabel
> which does only have partition "c" by default. And it seems strange
> to me, that I should create a filesystem on a partition "c". And even
> stranger, this file system can afterwards be accessed through
> partition "a" which does not even show up in the disklabel.

That's normal. c is always the whole disk, and because the disk has no
disklabel and no partition table, it's also a. It's the same like with
CD-ROMs. You can access them also as cd0a and cd0c.

> What puzzles me even more is the fact, that in the boot "Absolute
> OpenBSD" by Michael W. Lucas, it is said on page 310, that "FFS file
> systems need a valid partition table on every disk" and then the
> author desribes the  following steps:
>   # disklabel -w /dev/rfd0c floppy
>   # newfs /dev/rfd0c

I don't see any sense for a partition table and / or disklabel on a
floppy disk.


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