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Re: Collisions in 3.7 under VMware

Jason Crawford wrote:
>> I noticed that "le at pci" has been replaced by pcn in -current, so for
>> kicks I backported the driver to 3.7.  (I hate chasing -current on a
>> production box.)
> If you really want to use the old le driver, just disable pcn using
> the config command, and your kernel will fall back to the old le
> driver. However I find pcn works much better for me, so I suggest you
> use it, it's as easy as creating a hardlink for hostname.pcn0 to
> hostname.le1 (pci le always grabbed 1 or higher, 0 was isa). I leave
> both files there, because if I need to go back to openbsd that's pre
> pcn driver, then it'll use le again.

No, it's the other way around... I'd rather use the pcn driver, since I
get dramatically better performance using it.  My problem is that I'm
seeing a lot of collisions with both the le and pcn driver, which may or
may not be an OpenBSD problem.

>> Is this normal and/or acceptable?  I've tried forcing full duplex on the
>> nic, but it doesn't seem to have any effect.
> If you have other boxes on the same subnet, see what stats they are
> getting, I don't seem to have many problems with pcn.

The other machines on the same ESX host don't seem to show any problems,
but this is the only OpenBSD guest.

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