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termcap and xterm with xterm-color bad results

Hello misc@,

I have this very strange behaviour in xterm with the TERM var set to
xterm-color and using a colored application, for example mutt and irssi.

Let me put mutt as example, mails below the indicator are white, while
those above are gray. irssi just has random pieces white. It's even
worse on a white terminal. If I set the TERM to 'screen' there is no
problem, unless i'm using the screen application and started it in an
xterm which has xterm-color as TERM set.

To reproduce:

xterm -fg gray60 -bg black (and a normal xterm too)
TERM=xterm-color; export TERM

And start mutt in it with at least this .muttrc:

color normal default default
color status white blue
color indicator cyan blue

Maybe I shouldn't be using xterm-color at all for these colors to work?
I could set it to TERM "screen" permanent, but I'm quite sure it will
then again break on other machines and/or applications.

Correct me if I'm wrong, I have very little understanding of the termcap
file and how therse terminal capabilities are handled.

Kind regards,
Jimmy Scott

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