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Re: 3.8 beta requests

hmm, on Tue, Aug 23, 2005 at 09:23:27AM -0700, Raymond Lillard said that
> Maybe a slogan along the lines of, "Is your software good enough
> for OpenBSD"!!  Perhaps it could be worked into the release's
> theme.

that is truly a brilliant idea ;-)
any artists here?  make a "designed for puffy" logo.

first, all of the openbsd related projects could put it
on their site.  later the porters could ask their ported
projects to include the logo on their page (if they "deserve" it)

tshirts, mugs, a magazine, a tv show, finally even the HW
manufacturers and microsoft would be pressed to redesign
their OS to get the "seal of quality".

and after the planet is conquered, the universe is the limit!
ha ha ha!

(ps. i swear the tagline was generated random!)
all your base are belong to us.