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Re: raid kernel

One point in favour of a GENERIC RAID Kernel(s), consider when a user posts the following request for help:

'I've compiled my own kernel and Xyz is broken'

Now after being on the mailing list for a quite a while I know the stock answer always seems to be 'drop back to GENERIC and stop playing with custom kernels if you want help from this list'. Now if the user is using RAID and has APPS/Data etc on a raid volume this isn't exactly going to be easy.

Now I 100% understand this thinking and won't raise a complaint against it, but as your now advocating that in order to use a key feature of OBSD a custom kernel is 'the way' where does that leave the sys admins such as myself when it comes to support from the lists?

By having a GENERIC RAID kernel, with or without various options would at least allow for some alternate yet supported systems all be it at an increased workload for the team

I'm not currently using any kernel based system so have no axe to grid, I'm just making an observation.

just my 2 pence anyway.