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SBE wanPMC-xT3E3 support

I am wondering if the wanPMC-xT3E3 from SBE is supported.  

Obviously with an adaptor like the adaptPCI-PMC 

They have recently taken the wanPCI-1T3 off of their site, and I am
assuming EOL'd it, although I have not talked to them about it yet.

The Ethernet controller is Intel's 21143TD 10/100 LAN Controller which
is different than the DEC 21140 Ethernet chip that is listed in the
lmc(4) man page.  

Based on 

  if (PCI_CHIPID(pa->pa_id) != PCI_PRODUCT_DEC_21140)
    return 0;

from if_lmc_obsd.c I am assuming it is not supported, but I am not a C 
programmer, and especially not drivers.

Unfortunately, I am not able to purchase one to see if it works at this
point so I am hoping someone here knows.

Does anyone know of a vendor that sells the SBE products and is OpenBSD
friendly, preferably one who has donated to the project?  If not, a
decent vendor for SBE at all?

Is there another T3 card that is supported by OpenBSD?

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