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Re: finger doesn't print characters right

On Mon, 15 Aug 2005, Antti Harri wrote:
I recently noticed that `finger` prints
scandinavian characters weird, here's the output:

iku_(_at_)_openbsd:~$ finger
Login    Name                 Tty  Idle  Login Time   Office     Office
dummy    \366\326\304\344\305  p2     -     Mon 00:39

But when specify the user the characters print normally:

iku_(_at_)_openbsd:~$ finger dummy
Login: dummy                              Name: vVDdEe

That should've been aAoOaA with umlauts and the last one with circle (Swedish 'a').

After looking at the source the first case goes through
strvis() function and the second doesn't. What's the logic
behind this? Anyone care to answer? Answering to my own post is
quite silly..

What ways do I have to get finger to work with
these "special" chars that it is escaping?

 Antti Harri

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