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Kernel PPPoE PAP *and* CHAP Authentication (auto-negotiation?)


I'm really running on PPPoA, but it is converted by the modem from

The process that should be occuring is:

OpenBSD router authenticates itself using CHAP, gets response and
another authentication request - this time PAP
OpenBSD router authenticates itself with PAP and connection is established.

The reason for this, is BT (British Telecom - the company that runs
the actual line) expects CHAP. From the CHAP response it will then
know what ISP to send the authentication request too. In this case the
ISP expects PAP.

I've checked the man pages (of course), searched the archives and
Googled - but I have found no way to "wildcard" myauthproto. If I
ommit it, it assumes none. If I do PAP, it never reaches the ISP. If I
do CHAP, the ISP rejects it.

It seems that the user land implementation does not suffer from this
problem - extract from FAQ6:

In the above example, we specify our username (ppp) and password (ppp)
using authname and authkey, respectively. There is no need to specify
whether CHAP or PAP authentication is used - it will be negotiated
automatically. "set login" merely specifies to attempt to log in, with
the username and password previously specified.

Will I be forced to use the userland PPP implementation?


Adam Gleave
[ OpenBSD 3.7-stable (GENERIC) #1: Sat Jul 23 08:28:45 GMT 2005 ]

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