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Re: 8/13 snapshot and DHCP

Christian Jones wrote:

On 8/17/05, Kenneth R Westerback <kwesterback_(_at_)_rogers_(_dot_)_com> wrote:

I would find it helpful. An exact model of Linksys device would also

The specific model I've had problems with (don't know about the OP) is
a BEFW11S4 ver. 2 "Wireless Access Point and Cable/DSL Router with
4-port switch". This new problem is the second I've had with this
device that seems to specifically affect OpenBSD; the first is
described in OpenBSD bug report 3875, but seems to now be resolved
(perhaps inadvertently--that problem started with 3.6, wasn't fixed as
far as I know, but seems to work in 3.7).

Mine's a Linksys BEFSX41 running the latest firmware (1.50.18). I tried various options in /etc/dhclient.conf (including all defaults) with the same results. I'll try to generate a tcpdump this evening if that would be helpful.

Emmett "Buddy" Pate

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