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Re: The Care and Feeding of OpenBSD

* Matthias Kilian <kili_(_at_)_outback_(_dot_)_escape_(_dot_)_de> [2005-08-17 22:42]:
> Depending on hardware and infrastructure, you can dump(8) to tape,
> to a separate disk (that's not very safe, though), to a remote
> machine via ssh, or to an ftp server.

for larger scale, I am still (after years) happy with what we do:
get a backup machine with a decent raid system, and have it fetch dumps 
from the individual machines daily, written to the raid. we do this 
over ssh pipes, ymmv. It basically boils down to

system("ssh -c $cipher -l $login $sshopt -i /path/to/key $host " .
    "\"$dump -" . $level . "uf - " . $partition .
    " \" | gzip -9 -f -v > /backup/$host/$dumpfile 2>$statsfile");

works with openbsd, solaris and linux hosts here.
the gzips eat CPU for breakfast, i get acceptable backup times using an 
amd64 on the backup host, an SMP amd64 could lower them further - 
boils down to what backup times are acceptable versus what you're 
willing to invest.

when this is done backup the raid to tape.

gives fast access to last night's backup (it is still on the raid, 
after all), and only for the rare case where you need an older dump 
you have to dig out the right tape.
we also store the monthly tapes at our bank, just in case.

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