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altq on multiple interfaces

I'm currently trying to enhance my altq-rules and I apologize in
advance if this is a FAQ, but I definitly googled:
So far, I used priq on my internal and external interface to prioritize
VoIP over SSH over mail over "everything else". But now I have a third
interface that sometimes consumes a lot of traffic and is thus killing
VoIP. Is there a simple way to basically say "everything that enters my
router, no matter which internal interface it uses, has to follow these
rules"? The two internal interfaces are different Class-C nets and they
have to stay this way. And traffic that comes from the router but not
from the internet should be able to use the full FastEthernet bandwidth
and not just the SDSL-speed configured in altq.
Is there any way to do this without having to use two sets
of rules for incoming traffic? 
The FAQ only lists a CBQ example for a system with more than 2
interfaces and I'd really like to stay with priq. Or do I have to
switch to CBQ? 
Thanks :) 
Fridtjof Busse