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I predict Theo De Raadt will have a nervous breakdown in the near future.


  Based on the vituperative replies to questions
posted on misc_(_at_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org by Theo, I think he is
either very insecure about his status as project
leader, or, is on the verge of neurological

  Little wonder many developers have left the project
out of frustration, and, while I may have been willing
to give De Raadt the benefit of the doubt regarding
his expulsion from NetBSD-CORE, I now have no
doubt whatsoever, that his expulsion was due to his
abrasive attitude towards others.

  Theo, it may be you against the world, but, it
is the world you need to embrace your software, if it
is to succeed at all.

  Remember BeOS. Whatever happened to Gassee?


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