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Re: pf stops URLs without a trailing slash

On Monday, 15 August 2005 at 15:59:13 +0100, John Wright wrote:
> One thing to note about URLs which point to directories which don't have
> trailing slashes it they will get a URL redirect back which states the name
> of the web server how it is configured and not how it was passed in that
> particular request.
> So if the request was for http://mywebserver.com/directory you could get
> redirected to http://www.mywebserver.com/directory/ which is slightly
> different.

That's the problem combined with the way my reverse proxy works:
The original request (without trailing slashes and at port 80) appears
as from the local IP. Apache redirects it by appends a trailing slash
to the original URL. But this time, it appears from the client's IP at
some ports that I defined in the reverse proxy settings.

Anyway, I open those ports in pf and now things work as before.


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