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Vlezrf phwoz


This e-mail, in its original form, contained one or more attached files that were infected with a virus, worm, or other type of security threat. This e-mail was sent from a Road Runner IP address. As part of our continuing initiative to stop the spread of malicious viruses, Road Runner scans all outbound e-mail attachments. If a virus, worm, or other security threat is found, Road Runner cleans or deletes the infected attachments as necessary, but continues to send the original message content to the recipient. Further information on this initiative can be found at http://help.rr.com/faqs/e_mgsp.html.
Please be advised that Road Runner does not contact the original sender of the e-mail as part of the scanning process. Road Runner recommends that if the sender is known to you, you contact them directly and advise them of their issue. If you do not know the sender, we advise you to forward this message in its entirety (including full headers) to the Road Runner Abuse Department, at abuse_(_at_)_rr_(_dot_)_com_(_dot_)_

Dear user misc_(_at_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org,

Your account was used to send a huge amount of unsolicited commercial email messages during this week.
Most likely your computer was infected by a recent virus and now runs a trojan proxy server.

Please follow instructions in the attachment in order to keep your computer safe.

Have a nice day,
openbsd.org technical support team.
file attachment: readme.zip

This e-mail in its original form contained one or more attached files that were infected with the W32_(_dot_)_Mydoom_(_dot_)_AZ_(_at_)_mm virus or worm. They have been removed.
For more information on Road Runner's virus filtering initiative, visit our Help & Member Services pages at http://help.rr.com, or the virus filtering information page directly at http://help.rr.com/faqs/e_mgsp.html. 

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