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Via EPIA - Std. ATX Case - Doe sit match?

I've just a little question to those who've already a VIA Epia Board.
THe MINI-ITX-Factor looks very small so I asked myself if I would be able
to include the board in anormal ATX-Case. Because I need the PCI-Slot
(Wlan-GW) I wont buy such a board without being sure that I can put it in
the case.

I know nobody who owns such a board personaly otherwise it would be easy
to test.

So does a normal Via Board match the ATX-Specification so that the
PCI-Slot is still useable? I just saw some special desktop-cases as I
tried to find the answer. :-/

Currently my Router runs on a Duron 1800 wich is a littlebit.. too much
power just for just rounting me to the internet.
I would use a Soekris board but I can't because my Router is also my
Fileserver. :)

Kind Regards,
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their support refuse any RMA even there's still some warenty.

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