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Re: setting DST

On 8/11/05, Andy Hayward <ach_(_at_)_buteo_(_dot_)_org> wrote:

> # man date
> <snip>
>      TZ      The timezone to use when displaying dates.  See environ(7) for
>              more information.  If this variable is not set, the timezone is
>              determined based on /etc/localtime, which the administrator ad-
>              justs using the -l option of zic(8).
> <snip>
> # zic -l GB

Thu Aug 11 00:33:34 BST 2005

Thanks Andy thats the same as
ln -s /usr/share/zoneinfo/GB  /etc/localtime
if I am not wrong.

I want to keep the GMT
Wed Aug 10 23:35:21 GMT 2005
but just adjust DST.
GB stands for Great Britain?

I noticed GMT0 GMT+1 GMT-0
in /usr/share/zoneinfo but I can not
find anything in the manuals explaining what
these are and do.

Any help further?

> Which I believe is what you're asking for. But I could be wrong.
> :)
> -- ach

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